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Library Spaces

UTS Library provides a mix of spaces to best meet your study and research needs. Levels 2 and 3 have seating to encourage collaboration and group discussion. Level 4 is a quiet floor and Level 5 is silent, where noise is kept to a minimum and students work individually. Individual and group study rooms are bookable.

For computer labs, facilities and open spaces available to students across UTS, including 24 hour spaces see Lab locations and hours of operation.

Assistive Technologies rooms 2.a and 2.b

These rooms are for use by students with accessibility requirements only. You must be registered with Student Services Unit to arrange access.

Room 2.a is an open room with 6 PCs.

Room 2.b is single room and bookable through Room Bookings.

Location: Rooms 2.a and 2.b.

Assistive Technologies rooms  Assistive Technologies rooms

Baya Ng'ara Nura* Learning Place

Dedicated to the spirit of the UTS Statement on Reconciliation, the Baya Ng’ara Nura Learning Place is intended to welcome Indigenous students to the Library. In the language of the Eora Nation, these words mean Read (Baya), Listen, Hear, Think (Ng'ara), Place or Country (Nura).

Baya Ng'ara Nura provides a welcoming space with study tables and computers, in which Indigenous students can learn and access Library resources and learning support.

Location: Level 2

China Library

The China Library was gifted to UTS from the Chinese Government and is a rich information centre filled with books, audio visual materials, mulitmedia displays as well as reading and study areas. Also see Special Collections.

Location: Level 4

Computer labs

We have two Computer labs in the Library, in addition to general access computers on each floor. These rooms are available for students to use when not already booked by Library staff.

Location: Rooms 3.i and 4.l.

Curriculum Collection

An extensive collection of picture books, posters and puppets to support education students at UTS.

Location: Level 4

Editing Studio

This room is an editing/mixing/final production studio for material users bring in. It also has voice recording facilities. Headphones, microphones and a MIDI controller are available for loan from Reserve on Level 2.

This room is bookable through Room Bookings. You will also need to collect the key from the Enquiries & Loans Desk.

For more information see Editing Studio now open at UTS Library.

Location: 4.i

Editing studio  Editing studio 

Events Space

Towards the back of Level 2, we’ve introduced a new presentation space. The area is highly reconfigurable for events or study, and is well insulated for noise reduction.

Location: Level 2

Games Room

A shared space supporting the scholarly study of gaming, while offering a place for students to take a study break or study informally. Equipment includes games consoles (Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U), computers, writable walls and a selection of board games. The majority of our games are available digitally on the consoles. Accessories (wireless headphones, controllers and some game discs and board game sets) can be borrowed from the Enquires and Loans Desk on Level 2.

Search the Catalogue to see if we hold your favourite game.

Location: Room 3.f.

Games Room

Group study rooms

Study spaces are available for group learning activities, with wireless access in each room, and most with a computer. These are bookable through Room Bookings.

Location: Rooms 3.a – 3.h, 4.b – 4.d and 5.c – 5.f.

Individual study areas

Open spaces for quiet, individual study, with desks fitted with privacy screens. Please switch your mobile phone to silent in these areas.

Location: Levels 3, 4 and 5.

Individual study area

Individual study rooms

Rooms specifically intended for individual study. Please switch your mobile phone to silent in these areas. These are bookable through Room Bookings.

Location: 4.f – 4.h, 5.h – 5.p.

Individual study room

Learning commons

A mixed purpose area, for group or individual study. You have access to Library computers as well as powerpoints and wireless access. Please switch your mobile phone to silent in these areas.

Location: Levels 2 and 3.

Lecture Room

This is a space for presentations and classes with flexible furniture, a UTS presentation lectern and data projector. It accommodates up to 50 people.

Location: 4.k


Lockers are free to use. You can get a locker key from the Enquiries and Loans Desk on Level 2. Lockers are available to UTS students and staff for the day. A fine of $5 per hour will apply to the late return of locker keys.

Items left overnight will be removed. Speak to staff at the Enquiries and Loans Desk on Level 2.

Location: Levels 4 and 5.

Presentation practice rooms

Rooms with a computer, data projector and screen for practicing presentations. These are bookable through Room Bookings.

Location: Rooms 4.e and 5.b.

Researchers' Centre

A quiet space for UTS postgraduate research students and staff. You have access to a range of Library resources, powerpoints, and a meeting room.
UTS postgraduate research students also have access to long-term lockers and can book the meeting room 5.q through Room Bookings. Access is through your current UTS ID card.

UTS researchers should consult their faculty, institute or unit to ensure they have access.

Location: 5.r

Researchers' centre  Researchers' centre

Silent Study rooms

If you require complete silence to help you concentrate, consider these soundproofed rooms for silent study. No booking is required. Please switch your mobile phone off in these areas.

Location: Rooms 4.a and 5.a.

Special Collections Room

The Special Collections Room is open Monday to Friday 10am – 6pm.

Conditions of use:

  • When handling materials hands must be clean
  • Only non-flash photography can be used
  • Items cannot be scanned or photocopied
  • To view locked material staff will be required to assist.  Please email lib-schol-info@uts.edu.au.

Location: Level 3

Training rooms

These rooms contain computers and presentation facilities. They are used for Library workshops and are open for general student use at other times.

Location: Room 2.c and 4.j

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