UTS Library


icon  You will need your UTS ID card to print, copy or scan.
For more information see Student printing on the UTS website.


Printing costs

 Single SidedDouble Sided
A4 B/W$0.11$0.19
A3 B/W$0.21$0.36
A4 Colour$0.34$0.60
A3 Colour$0.68$1.30
Microform Printers$0.11n/a

Adding money to your account

UTS uses a cashless system, which means that you must have money on your account to use our printing services.

You can add money online via MyMonitor. Make sure that you have activated your email account at UTS: MyAccount beforehand.

For EFTPOS and Recharge station locations refer to UTS Student printing.

Please note that this is a prepaid service and credit that you add to your account cannot be returned to you.

How to print, copy or scan

LOG-IN. Tap your UTS ID card to log in


  1. Select My Print Jobs
  2. Select Prints
  3. Select Print


  1. Place Originals
  2. Select Use Copier
  3. Select Copy
  4. Choose Settings
  5. Select Start to copy

Scan to Email

  1. Place Originals
  2. Select Use Copier
  3. Select Scanner
  4. Select Your Name
  5. Select Start to scan
  6. Select Finish Scn to send

Scan to USB

  1. Place Originals
  2. Select Use Copier
  3. Select Print/Scan
  4. Select Scan to Storage Device
  5. Select USB Media
  6. Select Storage Location
  7. Select Scan settings
  8. Select Start to scan
  9. Select Finish Scan and remove USB

Don't forget to LOG-OUT. Tap your UTS ID card to log out.

Printing from your laptop, tablet or phone

  1. Visit myprint.uts.edu.au and log in with your UTS ID and password.
  2. Select the file(s) you wish to print (don’t press ‘Print Now’).
  3. Go to any printer and scan your UTS ID Card.
  4. Select ‘Print Release’ to print your job.

Note: You can also email your work to the printers from your UTS email address. Attach the document to your email and send it to myprint@uts.edu.au.

Day Visitors

Day Visitors can copy and scan, but they cannot print and your Day Visitor card must have credit before you can copy or scan.

There is an EFTPOS and Recharge station located in Building 10 (across the road on the Corner of Jones St and Broadway) Level 2, open space near the Student Print Centre (also has cash loading facility).

Note: There are no refunds if you do not use the value in the account on the day. The Day Visitor card must be returned at the end of your visit.


Use your UTS ID card to print, copy or scan