UTS Library

UTS Library services focus groups

Students, researchers, teaching staff – we’d like to talk to you. 

UTS Library is conducting some focus groups to discuss Library services. Students will be eligible for a $50 gift-card following participation. 

How do I get involved? 
Update: thank you to everyone who has expressed interest in being involved.

If you'd like to be informed of future focus group opportuntiies please fill in this form (current students, researcher, or teaching staff).

Who can be involved? 
UTS undergraduate students, postgraduate coursework students, postgraduate researchers, research staff, and teaching staff.

What if I don’t use the Library? 
Not a problem, we’d love you to join us. 

What’s involved? 

  • Students and researchers: joining a 1-hour focus group via Zoom (see dates below). 

  • Teaching staff: joining a half-hour Zoom interview (1-on-1) between Monday 10 August and Friday 14 August.

When will these focus groups take place? 

Students – 1 hour: 

  • Student focus group 1 - Friday 7th August, 11am

  • Student focus group 2 - Friday 7th August, 12pm

  • Student focus group 3 - Thursday 13th August, 11am

  • Student focus group 4 - Thursday 13th August, 12pm

Researchers – 1 hour: 

  • Researchers focus group - Tuesday 11th August, 1pm

  • Researchers focus group - Tuesday 11th August, 2pm

Teaching staff – half-hour interview: 

  • Between Monday 10 August and Friday 14 August