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Project Pink Wish


Campbell Arnott's

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Corporate Communications

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2007 C16 - 1



Executive Summary: 

Arnott's partnered with the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) to leverage its iconic status and launch a limited edition Tim Tam to coincide with 'Pink' month in October 2006. Tim Tam 'Pink Wish' was the first Cause Related Marketing initiative for both Arnott's and the Tim Tam brand.

The NBCF was selected because Breast Cancer is an issue that has a close affinity with the people who love Tim Tam the most - women between the ages of 30 and 55. This is the same group of women the NBCF is trying to target to raise awareness of breast cancer.

The goals were to utilise a range of short and longer term tactics to raise awareness of Tim Tam Pink Wish and extend the life of the campaign post-October.

Public Relations was incorporated to promote the launch of Arnott's Tim Tam Pink Wish and assist in selling all allocated stock within six weeks of launch.

A fully integrated campaign was implemented to maximise positive exposure of the project and Arnott's relationship with the NBCF, while maintaining the Tim Tam brand personality by addressing a serious issue in an upbeat and positive way.
The project raised $160,816 for research projects funded by the NBCF. As a result, Arnott's was awarded NBCF platinum partnership.

Situation Analysis: 

Arnott's recognised the opportunity to harness the strong emotional connection Australian's have with Tim Tam to assist the NBCF in its goal to raise enough money to fund a cure for breast cancer.

Arnott's identified the importance of using a Cause Related Marketing initiative to increase the connection consumers have with the Tim Tam brand and to continue to develop its evolving and innovative position in the marketplace.

The Public Affairs team developed an integrated PR campaign to launch Tim Tam Pink Wish. PR was used to position the project in a positive way to avoid any potential media, customer and consumer cynicism.

It was also incorporated to create consumer excitement and anticipation around the launch of the new variant, and to maintain the Tim Tam personality while dealing with a serious issue.


As part of the development of the campaign, the Public Affairs team undertook three different streams of research:

1.        Desk research
Utilising media monitoring and Internet services, the team researched past Cause Related Marketing launches. The team reviewed a variety of factors including:

  • Key messages used in communication materials
  • Tone of coverage received
  • Role of third-party opinion formers including spokespeople from charity organisations, celebrities, government and media
  • The promotional activity that supported the campaigns
  • The use of a celebrity to support the campaigns and the impact on coverage generated and overall success
  • Outcomes.

2.        Retail audit
Arnott’s Public Affairs team managed the completion of a comprehensive retail audit to identify:

  • All other Cause Related Marketing products available on the market
  • The relationship products had with the NBCF and other breast cancer fundraising organisations
  • The donation amount and claims made from each item sold
  • The duration the products were on sale
  • The purchasing mechanic – e.g. supermarket, retail outlet or online

3.        Investigation of campaign risks and potential issues
The Public Affairs team reviewed communication challenges and prepared strategies to manage potential campaign risks and issues including:

  • Proliferation of 'Pink' products and services during October that required the execution of a creative and newsworthy campaign in order to achieve significant share of voice
  • No Tim Tam Pink Wish product available in time for print media launch
  • Consumer disappointment if demand exceeded supply and product sold out before end October
  • Consumer and media cynicism regarding Arnott's rationale for participating in a Cause Related Marketing scheme and corporate involvement in 'Pink' month.

Target Policies: 

Media Highly significant - They represented the most effective channel available to disseminate key messages to consumers
Consumers Highly significant - Holders of the 'purchasing power'. As Australia's third favourite brand, consumers have a strong and emotional connection to Tim Tam
State and Federal Government Ministers for Health Highly significant - They represented the public 'voice' of issues relating to health and Corporate Social Responsibility
NBCF Ambassadors Significant -They are the public face of the NBCF and its key spokespeople
Key Customers Significant - Arnott's is a top ten grocery brand in Australia and has strong relationships with its key customers
Campbell Arnott's employees. Significant - Their support and enthusiasm 'spread the word' about Tim Tam Pink Wish and helped raised funds for the NBCF.

Communication Strategy: 

The campaign strategy and PR Plan were designed to meet the objectives of the Tim Tam Pink Wish campaign through the execution of a fully integrated approach that targeted all key stakeholders and extended its life post October.


The plan was executed across a six month period. Activities included:

Print Media

A 'chocolate high tea' print media launch was held in June 2006 at the Sir Stamford Hotel at Circular Quay. The timing of the launch was chosen to best fit with long-lead media preparing October issues and to obtain share of voice over other products and services being promoted as part of 'Pink' month.

Only trial samples were available at the time, so the key components of the biscuit - chocolate and strawberries were used to theme the event.

More than 30 journalists from a range of lifestyle publications attended the event. Decorations included pink tea lights, pink roses, Tim Tam Pink Wish signage and a chocolate covered strawberries display.

Journalists enjoyed Tim Tam 'Pink Wish' samples, pink champagne, strawberry tea, chocolate dipped strawberries and chocolate brownies.

Sue Murray, General Manager, NBCF and Lucie Austin, Marketing Director, Arnott's announced the relationship between the NBCF and Arnott's and presented the new Tim Tam Pink Wish.

Journalists received kits in pink boxes tied with pink ribbons containing a media release, Tim Tam fast facts, breast cancer facts, a CD with images, Arnott's Tim Tam Original biscuits and a selection of NBCF pink products. See Appendix A.

Broadcast Media

Arnott's Tim Tam Pink Wish hampers were delivered to broadcast media in September 2006 to coincide with the first week product was available on shelf. This tactic was implemented to encourage radio personalities to discuss the new Tim Tam flavour and the relationship with the NBCF.


Letters and launch boxes were delivered to Federal and State Ministers for Health announcing Arnott's association with the NBCF. This tactic was implemented to highlight Arnott's proactive stance in supporting charitable causes and to obtain Ministerial support. See Appendix A.


A flash and information on the project was included on Arnott's website to alert consumers to Arnott's relationship with the NBCF, create anticipation around the launch of Tim Tam Pink Wish and to encourage consumers to purchase the product. See Appendix A.

Avant Cards

100,000 Tim Tam Pink Wish Avant cards were distributed across Australia over a four week period to extend awareness of Tim Tam Pink Wish and breast cancer beyond October. See Appendix A.

NBCF Ambassadors

Launch hampers were delivered to the NBCF Patron and Ambassadors to inform them of the program and obtain their support as spokespeople. See Appendix A.

Key customers

Arnott's field sales team delivered launch boxes to Woolworths and Coles key contacts to obtain support of Tim Tam Pink Wish and to secure the best possible presence in-store.

Campbell Arnott's employees

Activities were held throughout September and October to promote Tim Tam Pink Wish and breast cancer awareness while raising money for the NBCF.

Activities included an internal launch, an activity at the Arnott's bakery at Huntingwood where Tim Tam Pink Wish was made, articles in internal newsletters, the sale of NBCF pink merchandise and donation activities. Arnott's national Field Force and all Merchandisers wore pink polo shirts in-store branded with Tim Tam Pink Wish and NBCF logos.


The Public Affairs team developed a detailed Q & A document and briefed staff at the Arnott's Consumer Contact Centre to address consumer questions regarding the NBCF relationship and Tim Tam Pink Wish. See Appendix A.


The Tim Tam Pink Wish PR campaign assisted in raising $160,816 for research programs funded by the NBCF.

Other results included:

  • The project generated awareness and support for the NBCF and breast cancer through media coverage including:
  • 7,605,963 print and radio impressions from:

               - 30 print mentions

               - 25 radio mentions

               - Four television mentions 

  • 44.8% of print coverage featured Tim Tam Pink Wish exclusively and 76% featured a product or pack image
  • 70% of broadcast (radio) coverage featured Tim Tam Pink Wish exclusively
  • All coverage generated was positive and included a minimum of one campaign key message
  • All stock was sold within six weeks of launch
  • During the first full week in trade, Tim Tam Pink Wish sold 3.3 times that of Tim Tam Original
  • Tim Tam Pink Wish achieved $3.58 million in list sales, with the core Tim Tam variant also up significantly on the previous year
  • In a December 2006 study conducted by Directions First, 64% of respondents felt slightly or much more positive about Arnott’s and the Tim Tam brand
  • In the same study, 63% of people surveyed were aware of Tim Tam Pink Wish
  • Tim Tam Pink Wish achieved 9% value share of the chocolate biscuit category when available on shelf*
  • One in four shoppers purchased Tim Tam Pink Wish more than once during the campaign*
  • The Tim Tam Pink Wish Avant card distribution achieved a readership of 250,000 and according to the Avant card feedback report, had a higher pick up rate then the majority of other cards throughout the campaign period. This resulted in increased campaign awareness post October
  • Tim Tam Pink Wish received more immediate positive consumer feedback than any other product launched by Arnott's. The Arnott's Consumer Contact Centre managed a total of 211 consumer calls, 80% of which were positive.

*source AC Nielsen, Nov 06




Achieve 20 print and six broadcast mentions containing a minimum one key message during the six week campaign period

30 print, 25 radio and four TV mentions all containing a minimum of one key message.

Make 50% of consumers feel more positive about the Arnott's and Tim Tam brands 64% of respondents felt slightly or much more positive about Arnott’s and the Tim Tam brand after the Pink Wish project

Achieve 50% consumer recall of Tim Tam Pink Wish activity eight weeks after project completion

63% of people were aware of Tim Tam Pink Wish

Assist in raising $80,000 for NBCF research projects within the six week campaign period

$160,816 was raised within six week campaign period

Contribute to the sell-out of 80,000 Tim Tam Pink Wish cases within six weeks of launch

All stock was sold within six weeks of launch

Analysis of the results confirmed the campaign exceeded its original goals and objectives, which focused on obtaining media coverage to create consumer awareness and interest in Tim Tam Pink Wish in order to drive sales, and as a result, raise money for the NBCF.

Importantly, as indicated by the graph below, the project was a sales success, generating $3.58 million in list sales, with core Tim Tam also up significantly on year ago. Arnott's also achieved value share of the Chocolate Biscuit Category during the period, exceeding the Company's planned target.

Most importantly, the project raised $160,816 for the NBCF, which was 49.7% more than originally forecasted.