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11208 & 11209 - Architectural Design: Communications 2 & Architectural Design: Making: Eastlakes

In this guide:

This guide is to help you navigate your way through your assignments for 11208 and 11209  - both the Eastlakes assignment and also assignment on various prescribed buildings.


In this assignement you'll be looking at a particular kind of flat (3 story walk up or 'six pack') near Roseberry racecourse and writing about it in relation to one of the following topics:

  • Indigenous and colonial history
  • Physical and infrastructure
  • Cultural and political

Example search:

The path from Wikipedia to something nice - Dave the librarians story - This provides a review of some of the searching we did in the class. Otherwise have a look at the resources below for places to look for information. 

Places to search:

Demographic information

For information about who lives in Eastlakes, the languages they speak, how old they are, what kind of jobs they have etc you can look at the ABS census data or look at RP Data. RP data adds some real estate specific information to the census data including median sale price, unit sale price, etc. You can also look up particular buildings and streets in RP data and get pictures and in some cases some drawings and sales histories stretching back to the 1980's or earlier.

Google / websites

Google is an obvious place to look for information about Eastlakes, just make sure you are checking the quality of the website. You might also want to try the following websites.

Journal Articles

We recommend Google Scholar as the best database to find articles on your Eastlakes topic

Newspaper Archives

Sydney Morning Herald Archive and TroveBoth of these resources will contain newspaper articles back in the era when the Eastlakes flats were built.Trove also contains picture Australia.