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65545 Forensic Toxicology : Finding articles

In this guide:

Find 3-4 research articles on your chosen topic in Library databases. References can be exported to EndNote from Google Scholar, Science Direct and ProQuest databases. You will need to restrict your research to articles published in the last 5 years and that have been peer reviewed.

Database search skills:

  • Identify the keywords and alternative terms from your research question, and you can reuse the concept table
  • Use Boolean operators and brackets to group search terms: AND, OR, NOT

  • Use “quotation marks” for exact phrases, “machine learning”
  • Use truncation character “*” to broaden the search, e.g. diagnos* will search diagnosis, diagnose and diagnostic
  • Search sample: "machine learning" AND (imag* OR pattern) AND diagnos*


  • Use SFX to find full text
  • Choose “peer reviewed” option to find academic journal articles
  • Look at an article’s reference list to expand related resources