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Masters Architecture Studio - Decolonising Knowledge: Knowledge of Country

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“If the land is healthy … it makes the people healthy”: The relationship between caring for Country and health for the Yorta Yorta Nation, Boonwurrung and Bangerang Tribes
Description: Academic article from Health and Place journal, 2009. Surveys 13 Indigenous custodians and local Indigenous environmental workers from Victoria, asking them about topics to do with caring for Country. Draws the link between improved Indigenous health and the ability to be able to care for Country.

Developing an Exploratory Framework Linking Australian Aboriginal Peoples’ Connection to Country and Concepts of Wellbeing
Description: Antecedent article to ‘If the land is healthy…’ Also dealing with Victoria and the links between kinship to Country and health.  Contains a framework for Aboriginal forces impacting on wellbeing, seen below











Reconciliation or exclusion? Integrating indigenous and non‐indigenous land management concepts for Australia’s Native Title era

Description: Academic paper from 1999, so a little old. Data drawn from Central Australian communities. Advocates for the possibility of a synthesis between western and traditional land law and for the benefits that could be conferred by such a synthesis.

Land, Learning and Identity: toward a deeper understanding of Indigenous Learning on Country
Description: Academic paper from 2015 that focuses on the teaching of the concept of Country in secondary schools in the Northern Territory, and the benefits it might confer.

For more papers try Google Scholar or Taylor and Francis


The Land
Description: If you click implications as seen below you’ll see information on how to engage with Indigenous communities on issues to do with land tenure. This website is also useful for the ‘Working with communities on projects and how to respectfully engage’ aspect.






The Land Owns Us
Description: ‘Bob Randall, a Yankunytjatjara elder and traditional owner of Uluru (Ayer's Rock), explains how the connectedness of every living thing to every other living thing is not just an idea but a way of living’.

The struggle for Aboriginal land rights
4 minute ABC news story focusing on the Northern Territory and the Gurundji people. Contains archival footage and some history and does address issues of connection to the land.


Space, Place and Mental Health
The book presents a conceptual framework for studying how attributes of 'space' and 'place' are associated with human mental wellbeing.