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11204 - Integrated Systems

This guide was built for students of 11204 by david.litting@uts.edu.au / 95143390

Beyond Websites

Websites are strong resources for newer buildings, especially in terms of drawings and models, but for older buildings they might not provide as much info. And even if you get a good website about a building, with drawings and such, its nice to supplement that information with an academic resource.


The richest resource you can find in architecture is a book about a building. Our Library Catalogue holdings are pretty good, and are well supplemented by BONUS.

Of course both these techniques rely on the little description field in the catalogue which can be very small. To give you a more powerful full text search of a book's contents try ProQuest and Google Books.

Proquest actually contains the entire book. With Google Books you can rely on the preview and then use the catalogue and BONUS to search for the full text.


ProQuest and JSTOR are the main resources for buildings. JSTOR has content going back to the early 1900's that you won’t find elsewhere.

In Integrated systems you'll be asked to look at aspects of a building that might fall more into engineering areas, like HVAC. Databases like Proquest let you do these kinds of searches too but an alternative is to go to a specialist resource like Ashrae Journal or Ovid or ASCE and just search for the building. You won't get as many bad matches.

Google Scholar is a good choice too as it will aggregate databases like ASCE and Ovid for you. The Articlereach form, which lets you request journal articles from other libraries, is now built into the SFX software that plugs into Google Scholar, which will save you some time.

If you need to find building plans of older buildings you can't find on the internet use our building plans study guide


UTS Library subscribes to a few different streaming video platforms that you are welcome to browse through. I recommend, in rough order of preference

Kanopy is an Australian video streaming platform that has some pretty good architecture documentaries within. The picture quality is good, and you can make clips from the videos if you want to use snippets in a presentation.
EduTV records and streams television broadcast in Australia. In a way it's like a supersized catchup service, only the tv is never taken down. There is some ok architecture stuff in here, and the picture quality is good. You can make clips from the films also.
Academic Video Online
Academic Video Online has a reasonable collection of architecture documentaries. You can make clips from the films, and the films all have full text transcriptions. The only drawback is the film quality isn't too great.
OnArchitecture features walkthroughs of architect designed buildings and interviews with architects.