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11248 / 11185 City Research Assignment: Books and Journals

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Books can be found in two main places – in the library catalogue from the library homepage and via a database called Proquest Ebooks (which you can find via the catalogue or from the Find databases page).

When using the library catalogue, keep the terms simple, because you won’t get many or any results if you are too specific. Start with the city name and see how many results you get. For a city like Yangon you might not get anything useful in the catalogue, even if you only use the city name in your search. Sydney obviously has a lot more content, so you can afford to add more words. There are 388 hits in the library catalogue for 'sydney urban'.

However Proquest Ebooks will generate more hits because the database can match words in the entire content of a book rather than the little record page the library catalogue uses.

There are 625 hits for Yangon in Proquest ebooks

Sydney urban generates 27000 results! Because of this you can afford to be a bit more picky with your searches and use a more specific search term if you like.

When you click on a book you can either read it online or download it. You need Adobe Digital editions to download though (its ifree online)




When you click on a book you can either read it online or download it. You need Adobe Digital editions to download though (its free online)

 Journal Articles

Google Scholar is a good place to look for Journal articles.

This link will allow you to access articles the library subscribes to for free.
(You can find this link by going to Find Databases and Searching for Google Scholar.)

There is more journal article content to look through than there is for books, so you can be a bit more specific. For example, there are 13000 hits for yangon (city OR urban)




Using brackets and the word OR between different search terms lets Google find articles that have yangon and city together or yangon and urban together. There are some nice hits in here:



As with other searches if you find you have very large amounts of results you can afford to be more specific. If you get very few results and they aren’t helpful try dialing back your search to something more general or remove a word from your search

Then when you are in Google Scholar and you see a link saying full text @ uts on the right like this:



Try clicking that link and then, in the following pop up window, try clicking the red link saying Full text available via…