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11248 / 11185 City Research Assignment: News

In this guide:

  • Aside from the Glossary you’ve been provided you can always hit Google or scour the news to find topics that are relevant to Sydney, or perhaps even more importantly to the international city you’ve been assigned – especially if the city is a bit obscure like Yangon or Ordos.

If you’re interested in locating ideas that are salient to an overseas city you can use a newspaper database called Factiva. To access Factiva you can type its name into the Library catalogue on the home page of the library, or go and look it up on the Find Databases page, which is also accessible via the quicklinks area on the library homepage.

Once you’ve logged into Factiva the first thing to be aware of is the search is set to only look back three months



So, if you’d like to look back farther in time change this using the drop down.

Another thing to be aware of is the way it searches. Factiva will treat a bunch of words put into it as a phrase. 'Ordos urban' will search for those words next to eachother, and you probably won’t get anything. If you’d like to put a couple of different ideas together then you need to connect them with the word AND (in capital letters)



Depending on the city, you may be able to choose some pretty specific issues, like urban sprawl or gentrification or high density – but for a town like Ordos it might be wise to start a little less ambitious – Ordos and urban, in a search that goes back 2 years – generates 90 results

The results are filed with the newest results first. You probably will want to the best results first so change this to relevance if you prefer.



Once you sort by relevance the top hit is this article:

Clicking on it will bring the article up on the right. Some of the issues I learned about Ordos in this article were that it’s in a remote area, and that it’s underpopulated, that its multicultural, that it’s climate is dry, and that the area Ordos is located in has transport and infrastructure needs. That’s enough to help you generate some ideas..