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Finding Building Plans - using books

OK, so let's say you have been given an assignment that requires you to find building plans for a famous building. Let's say Blues Point Tower by Harry Seidler. What do you do? Where do you go? Plans are hard to find, an whilst they are available via Google they're often quite small. 

What follows is a step by step guide to finding plans using books.

Step 1 Search the Catalogue. Type the name of the architect and the name of the project eg: seidler blues point. If successful, borrow the book, you're finished!

Step 2 - Try the ebook holdings in Proquest. Proquest contains the ebrary ebook service which is very large. Because Proquest can run a full text search on the entire contents of a book it makes for a powerful search

Step 3 Another way of full text searching a book is to go to Google Books. If preview allows access and you can see the plans, stop! You're finished!

Step 4 If you can't see the plans but think they're in the book you found in Google Books, check the library catalogue to see if it's in the collection, if we don't have it you can request a copy through the Ordering New Material form.