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Finding Building Plans - via journals/magazines (electronic / hardcopy)
guide by david.litting@uts.edu.au / 95143390

Ok, so let's say you have been given an assignment that requires you to find building plans for a famous building. What do you do? Where do you go? Well, why not watch this video or follow the step by step instructions below to find out!

(If you want a fleshed out version of these steps with more pictures please see this PDF)

Step 1: Look up the Avery Index to Architectural Periodicals in the catalogue

You can also click on the link above to get there.

Step 2: In the Avery Index use the Advanced Search option.

When you use Advanced Search you can specify building plans, sections and elevations. Advanced search lives just above the search pane on the landing screen.

Step 3: Use the Document Feature Box to Select Plans and Sections

And whatever other document features you want to see. 

Step 4: Enter the name of the building you'd like to search for in one of the search boxes 

* You can also enter the name of the architect if you want.
* Some buildings have more than one name. This isn't very common but an example is the Gherkin in London which is also called "30 St Mary Axe" and "Swiss Re". If you know more than one name for your building, write them all on one line with a big OR between them, and wrap up the names in inverted commas, like in the picture below:

Step 5: Browse the results and click Find Fulltext @ UTS on articles of interest

But don't be surprised if you don't find any full text PDF's in your search. If there aren't any full text PDF's beneath an article should be a link saying 'Find a copy' instead. It's worth clicking on the 'Find a Copy' link to see if the article is available in full in another database. After clicking 'Find a Copy' you'll see this pop up screen (see below). On this page, click the Find Full Text @ UTS Library link.


Step 6: If full text is available, follow the link!

If the full text is available, you'll see a message that looks like this, saying 'Full text available via".. if you see that link - click it!.

If you don't, go to step 7...

(If you don't get good results - remove the name of the architect or the inverted commas. This might add an extra hit or two to your search. If you still get nothing, go up to the top of the screen and click the 'searching one database' button - then choose select all. This will add more databases to your search.)

Step 7:  If there is no full text available - Use ArticleReach to obtain a copy.

For articles that aren't available in full via the databases there is ArticleReach. This will source your article either from our own journals via the Library Retrieval System or from another university. This should be a pretty fast (one week or less, sometimes as little as a day or two) and reliable way of getting your article, which will usually be scanned and emailed to you. There are a few situations where this system won't work that are detailed below:

a.) Another library can't supply the article you want
b.) The article is from the last two years and is from a journal that is on our shelves on level 5, or it's from one of these titles : 
GA Document
El Croquis
GA Houses
AD: Architectural Design
Process Architecture
c.) The article is available in full via another database (see step 6)
If a,b or c occurs you will get a message from ArticleReach saying your request was cancelled.
The good news is that if b or c occur the article should still be available, up on level 5 f the city campus. 

If you need some help finding articles - please email me: david.litting@uts.edu.au