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Building Plans: Websites

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The Library subscribes to one main database/website for building plans, Birkhauser Building Types Online. Birkhauser contains a page of info, specs, images and plans for thousands of buildings worldwide.

 Aurora Place






In addition to Birkhauser there should be some really rich resources out there for architectural building plans using Google. Just type in the name of the building and add the word plans (or sections, or elevations, etc)

The way google brings up the results will have images at the top of screen which is nice. Just be sure you have exactly the right building. There is a Centre Pompidou Metz and a Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris, for instance.

When selecting a site for your building plans, try to avoid peoples wordpress blogs if at all possible. The ideal place to look for your drawings are in the architect's webpages, or failing that in an architectural website.

 Here is an example from Renzo Piano's website


And here is an exampleof some drawings of the Seattle Public Library from ArchDaily


To supplement your drawings with discussion of buildings, you can use the library's book and journal collections to bolster your range of academic viewpoints.