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Finding Archival Maps for Architecture

In this guide:

This guide was created to assist students find archival maps of river systems in NSW and also to find information about the undergrounding of creeks in the Sydney metropolitan area. This guide was created by david.litting@uts.edu.au , please contact him if you need personalised assistance.

Finding Archival Maps of River Systems in NSW (especially the Hawkesbury-Nepean)

Google is your friend when it comes to finding historic maps of river systems. There is a fair bit you can get online (though not always in large formats or high quality). If you are prepared to go and visit institutions like the State Library or the Hawkesbury local library then your reach will be extended even further.

Searching Google for Maps

Start simple - eg: Hawkesbury nepean map - and then flip the search over to images.

If you want to restrict to more historical content add words like archival or historic to the search.

When you exhaust what can easily be found this way try adding the names of the large archival institutions to your search.

Eg: Hawkesbury map state libraryHawkesbury map national libraryHawkesbury map state archivesHawkesbury map department of lands.

 old map







You can also go into the institutions themselves (National Library / State Library NSW / State Archives) and search in there, taking advantage of added functionality (but also often experiening less ease of use). There will be paper content in these that you can't find online

Other Resources

Old Maps New South Wales
Best results are found by searching for large areas like Sydney or New South Wales. The maps have a timeline restruction option that you may find useful.

Hawkesbury Public Library

Hawkesbury Public Library has a map collection too, though you would have to go there to see them. To find maps, go to the library catalogue above and search for RLM which is the call number for maps. 

UTS Library Catalogue
Has some resources on the Hawkesbury Nepean too.

Historical Lands Records Viewer
Does contain old maps, though I personally didn't find much usable content there.

Other River Systems

While the search techniques and sites described above can be applied to other river systems in NSW too, here are a couple of extra resources you may find useful:

Major Rivers database from NSW Environment and Heritage
Main Rivers of NSW