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Australian Awards Fellowship Resources: Databases

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Databases Covered in Workshop


The Cochrane Database of Systematic Reviews holds systematic reviews which are considered to be the gold standard of health information. To access the databases, click the link below and search using your keywords. To access any of the full text click on the title and be sure to save to the desktop. Cochrane is free to use in Australia but you may not be able to access this in another country. If you cant access it try Pubmed instead.


You can also get help searching by following the Cochrane Library Search Tour.

Pubmed Central

Pubmed Central is a free resource which holds several million full text, free articles on a range of health topics.

You can search this database by clicking on the link below, putting your keywords in the search box and selecting search. To access a PDF version of the article select the small PDF icon underneath the article details.


You can also follow in the instructions on the Pubmed Help webpage. 


Additional Databases

Flinders University has put together a list of Health Databases which you can access here. Look for any of the titles with (free) next to them which indicates access is free. You can also scroll all the way to the bottom to see which databases are best for different topics.


The Directory of Open Access journals holds over 2 million articles which you can browse by topic or search using keywords. Select the blue Full Text links to view the full journal article.



Google Scholar

Google Scholar is a free searching engine of academic articles developed by Google. Be aware you may not find full text articles but it can be useful to find good keywords or as a place to start searching. You can search in Google Scholar by simply typing in your topic, you dont need to use boolean operators. Be aware you will get lots of results so make sure to use specific keywords.