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15142 Property Development Process

This guide was created to assist students of 15142 to find resources relating to their course.  The resources on this guide are divided up into readings, databases (journal, legal and specialist), and finally referencing resources. Guide by david.litting@uts.edu.au

Please note - as Postgraduate Students you are entitled to InterLibrary Loans. You can use the InterLibrary Loan service to source books and articles you cannot obtain through UTS Library or Request a copy through the Ordering New Material form.


Follow this link to access readings for 15142
Use Proquest ebooks and the Library Catalogue to find more books on topics you are interested in.

Journal Databases

The databases that are best for journal articles are (in rough order of preference).

Google Scholar sources materials found in the databases below as well as material published in house by universitites and organizational bodies. It counts citations too.
Proquest Business - A great multidisciplinary database and the largest in this list. Contains some things the databases below don't contain, such as ebooks, news articles and doctoral theses.
Emerald - A management database with more focused content than Proquest. All peer reviewed content and all full text articles too.
Taylor and Francis - An interesting complement to the above two databases. All peer reviewed and full text.
Informit Complete - Informit Complete is a suite of Australian databases, so depending on how Australian focussed your search is this could be the most useful. Sometimes you will need to seek out the full text using the SFX software. 

Business & Financial Databases (these are in alphabetical order)

Time series data by sector and country to enable macroeconomic analysis, trend monitoring and economic forecasting. It allows users to create charts, or download data to Microsoft Excel for in-depth analysis.
Connect 4
Annual reports for Australian companies going back to the early 1990s.
Datanalysis Premium (MorningStar)
Comprehensive accurate information on all ASX listed and delisted companies including financial information.
Australian industry reports (including Real estate services and construction) containing key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and historical performance, a five-year forecast, major industry participants and more.
Mint Global
A public & private company information database with balance sheets, staff, SWOT analysis and more.

Legal Databases

You can locate Australian state and federal legislation in Austlii and LawOneThe legislation most pertinent to your study will probably be:

Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
This Act outlines the hierarchy of plans from State Environmental Planning policies, District level plans and Local Environmental Plans.  
Local Government Act 1993 
This piece of legislation is the most useful for background on Council level planning policies.

Case Law, Commentary and Articles

Lexis Advance Pacific contains a range of resources for Australian law - case law, journal articles, and commentary.
Westlaw AU complements Lexis Advance Pacific for Australian legal resources also.
For legal questions contact our law librarian Patrick.Tooth@uts.edu.au

Specialist Databases

This is a powerful newspaper database. Remember that the default search period is 3 months and can be changed to search across longer periods of time. Also note that results are sorted by date rather than relevance, though you can change that setting also.
CostWeb provides up to date construction cost information for all popular building types, including forecasts of building costs in the future. This is an online service.
CityScope provides lease information for office blocks in the Sydney CBD. It also gives Nabers ratings for office buildings.
RP Data
A property sales and ownership database, covering the entirety of NSW.
Domain Property Data
A property sales and ownership database, covering the Sydney metropolitan area. Linked to the Domain property section in the Sydney Morning Herald.


Interactive Harvard UTS Referencing Guide 
Please note what whilst the referencing guide is premised around someone writing a paper, the principles of referencing can be equally applied to a powerpoint presentation or even a video. In both cases you can reference works you have quoted from or paraphrased with an in-text reference and you can also have a reference list. 

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