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16234 - Property Valuation

In this guide:

This guide has been created to help students studying 16234 find information for their course. Guide by david.litting@uts.edu.au / 95143390 - please contact me if you need assistance.

Assignment Parts A and B- property location and valuation report. 

For information about a retail street

Try looking up the street in Google and then adding .nsw.gov.au to your search. Eg:

"king street" newtown .nsw.gov.au

This will occasionally generate a hit like this:

These government webpages have loads of information including places, residents, workforce etc


For information about a Retail Shop:

Use RP Data which contains Property sales and ownership information for the New South Wales region. RP data also contains census information for suburbs in Sydney.

Videos on how to use RP Data are available here.