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16266 Sustainable Urban Design and Development

In this guide:

This guide is intended to help students of Sustainable Urban Design and Development find information for their assignments. If you would like any amendments or additions to this guide, or just have any questions generally do contact me - david.litting@uts.edu.au / 95143390


After consulting your readings for 16266 you'll be given licence to seek out your own information sources:

Books –

There is a lot of really useful information for this subject in book form. Books tend to be general in focus, and are good for building up background knowledge on a subject.

You can find books using the Library Catalogue

Sustainable urban design and sustainable urban development are actually a very commonly used phrases in book titles so you’ll find rich resources via these searches to help give you a solid information base with which to work during the course.

You can also find some good results by playing around with terms that focus on a slightly more specific aspect of the topic, for example water sensitive urban design or evaluating sustainable development

You might not always find information in book form that apply ideas from your course to specific examples, like high rise commercial buildings or specific places, like Sydney. In these instances try searching in journal articles:

Journal Articles –

Journal articles are good resources for case studies, and locating applied examples of theories in practice. The scope of articles tends to be small and localised, ie: testing the effectiveness of green building strategies, not everywhere across history - but in one particular place at one particular time.

Google Scholar is a good place to look for articles on this topic, for a few reasons:

  • It catches material from many UTS subscription databases – legal, technical, humanities based – all in the one search.
  • It’s good for Australian content.
  • It contains material published in house by unis and institutional bodies that might not be available in a database, or hidden amongst the clutter of Google web.


* Use the Full Text @ UTS link (seen above) where available to source free articles via your UTS webmail login.

In addition to Google Scholar other databases like SageTaylor and FrancisProquest and Informit Complete may be useful for your secondary research (these are presented in rough order of preference, with Sage being the best). Proquest offers unique features such as ebooks and PHD theses. 

You can also use InterLibrary Loans if we don't have the full text of something you find searching these databases..  


Whilst there are numerous resources useful for researching legislation we recommend LawNow as it offers a richer information experience, including providing links to case law and commentary.

The legislation most pertinent to your assignments are:
Environmental Planning and Assessment Act 1979
This Act outlines the hierarchy of plans from State Environmental Planning policies, District level plans and Local Environmental Plans. 
Local Government Act 1993 
This piece of legislation is the most useful for background on Council level planning policies.