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16266 Sustainable Urban Design and Development: Researching a Location, Site or Precinct

In this guide:

In addition to the secondary resources mentioned on the main study guide, you'll also need to collect primary forms of evidence to do with a particular site in a particular location. A lot of that information can be collected at the site, but you can add to it with the sources below:

Government sources –

As governmental information is free, Google is the best place to look for council reports, site plans and precinct reports. You can search google for documents found in council websites by doing a 'inurl' search. See the example below for a New South Wales government search

precinct plan inurl:.nsw.gov.au

For reports from NSW Government bodies try 

North Sydney CBD inurl:.nsw.gov.au .pdf

Margaret has helpfully put together this list to assist you in getting started on the areas specific to your assessments:


News, including local news - 

In addition to those resources you will also probably find Factiva  useful. Factiva is a powerful newspaper database that draws on a multitude of Australian news sources including local newspapers. This can be helpful if you need the dates in which certain events began, or to record any public discussion or dissent about a building project. The default search period in the datbase is set to the last 3 months, but this can be changed to search across longer periods of time.

Also note that results are sorted by date rather than relevance, though you can change that setting also.

For land sales and property information in Sydney -

RP Data contains Property sales and ownership information for the New South Wales region. You can find lot numbers here, as well as zoning information, the area and dimensions of a land parcel, and aerial photographs.

Videos on how to use RP Data are available here. 

Nabers Ratings

Nabers is an environmental ratings tool that provide a score for a building based on metrics like water waste energy and indoor environmnent. You can use this Nabers Rating Register to find out how the building on site is ranked, if applicable.