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17700 - Planning and Environmental Law

This guide was designed to assist students to find the relevant materials they'll need to read up on in the course of the session.

A lot of those resources are legal documents, which can be quite tricky to negotiate, so we thought we'd build this guide to help you. Contained in the guide are various how to's ...

How do I find the EPAA? (Environmental Planning and Assessment Act)

To find the EPAA you need to look up New South Wales Legislation. You can do this in either LawOne or Austlii.

Austlii is a free website - http://www.austlii.edu.au/

Once you arrive at Austlii, select New South Wales under Cases and Legislation

Then choose New South Wales Consolidated Acts, then select E and scroll down…


Click on the 1979 Act to access Parts 3,4 5 etc



To access Lawone – write LawOne into the Library Catalogue, click the title and select the electronic resource link:



Then, once you've arrived at LawOne select current acts under New South Wales


Then select ‘En’ from the alphabetized list


Click on the 1979 Act to access Parts 3,4 5 etc

How do I find the Heritage Act?

Finding the Heritage Act is the same as finding the EPAA, only you look under the letter H in either Austlii or LawOne.

How do I find the proposed Planning Bill 2013?

Log onto LawOne via the methods seen above. Then select ‘Bills awaiting assent’ for New South Wales


Then, from the left hand menu select ‘draft bills’, then 2013,


 ...and you should see this list:

How do I find decisions of the Land and Environment Court?

In Austlii, you can find the Land and Environment Court by hitting NSW on the left of screen (as per the above examples) and then selecting the Land and Environment court under ‘Databases/ New South Wales Case Law’


How do I find Case Law/ Legal Commentary or Journal Articles Regarding the EPAA, Heritage Act or the Planning Bill 2013?

How do I find journal articles discussing cases discussed in the Land and Environment Court, or journal articles about biodiversity law, land law,
legal aspects of pollution and waste management etc?

We have three databases that contain journals, case law and commentary on the law. They are:

Westlaw AU

LexisNexis AU

AGIS Plus Text

Westlaw and LexisNexis AU are the first places you should visit as they contain all three (journals, case law, commentary). Westlaw is the easiest to use, but you should visit LexisNexis AU as well as it contains articles that are not found elsewhere. AGIS Plus text can be used to complement LexisNexis AU and Westlaw, but only contains journal articles.

Simply search for the name of the legislation you need and then filter by type (example from Westlaw AU seen below note the 'content type' heading)


How do I find articles about pollution and waste management on a non legal level – ie: management, science, etc?

Try these databases –

Proquest (international multidisciplinary database) / Scopus (international multidisciplinary database) / Informit Complete (Australian multidisciplinary database - select all on informit complete for easiest method of searching) / Google Scholar (many databases in one search)