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17775 Land Acquisition Statutory Valuation And Litigation: Legislation

In this guide:

There are 2 main ways you can search for legal materials
1) either by looking for cases and then finding leglisation, or
2) by starting with legislation and then finding cases.
This page will focus on option 2.

Starting with Legislation and then finding cases

The other way you can find cases is to use LexisNexis' LawNow service to look up a piece of legislation such as the Land Acquisitions Act and then search for the terms supplied in the table on your assignment question. This is epecially useful for some of the legal terms that don't hit in the catchword search in Casebase - terms like severance and public purpose.

To find legislation (eg: The Land Acquisitions Act 1991 NSW)  first choose browse (see pic below)

Using LawNow to find Legislation and related materials

Whilst there are numerous resources useful for researching legislation we recommend LawNow as it offers a richer information experience, including links to case law and commentary down to the clause level.

It's easiest to browse LawNow until you find the act you want.

If you want the Land Acquistion act - choose browse, NSW legislation, then 'all acts by title' and then look under the letter L.

Then choose the state you want (eg: New South Wales for the Land Acquisitions Act 1991). Now you can look the act up under L in all acts by title. (Or you can choose current acts by subject and then select Real Property from the next page).



When you find the legislation, eg: LAND ACQUISITION (JUST TERMS COMPENSATION) ACT 1991 you can use CTRL-F (or command-F) to look up your terms, eg: severance (See below)

The majority of the information you'll find by following the double arrows will be case law, but you may also find pieces of legal commentary, journals and legal dictionary entries too.






LawOne and Austlii also offer similar legislation services. Austlii is free and will be accessible to you after your time at UTS is over.