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This guide is intended to profile resources useful for the literature review assignment (assignment 2) in 171200 -  Conservation and Heritage. Guide by david.litting@uts.edu.au/ 95143390 

Powerpoint presentation from the class

Search strategies

* Create more than one search and try it in more than one place

* Try to find a balance between a topic that is too broad and too narrow

* Use your initial searches and readings to find search terms for subsequent searches, or to refine the scope of your initial question

* Use "phrase searching" and terms like OR to help speed up and focus your searching.

* Ask for help or email David if you get stuck... 

Classic Academic Literature - Articles, Books, Conferences & Theses.

Journal Articles

Journal articles have their own search engines that libraries call 'databases'. Here are some of the best ones we have for your field of study. 

Google Scholar
This is the academic version of Google. While not all articles can be accessed in full here you can use the fulltext@uts button (seen on the right next to the title of an article in Google Scholar) to connect to articles the University subscribes to.

Taylor and Francis
Taylor and Francis contains full text peer reviewed articles. It's one of the strongest publishers in the field of planning. 

Sage Journals Online
Sage Journals online is also a full text peer reviewed database. It skews largely towards the humanities, and is also a good database for planning 

In addition to providing ebooks ProQuest is a great resource for scholarly articles, PHD theses, trade journals, magazines and news. It should have a reasonable stock of information about just about any topic.

ScienceDirect is a peer reviewed article database. lt's good for construction and environmental topics.

* If you want to you can look these databases up in the Find Databases page and favourite them by clicking on the little star beside the database's name.

* You can then see the list of your favourites by clicking on the 'my databases' button

* If you find an article in a database you can't read in full you can order it via our interlending service.



The library catalogue is the primary search engine for all of our books, both in hard and soft copy. If you are interested in ebook content you'll also find the Proquest database useful.

When in Proquest, do a search and then hit the little tab to look at ebooks (see the illuminated blue tab in the picture below)


Conferences and Theses

Proquest is good for conference papers and theses too. When in the regular (not ebook) search mode you can use the filtering box on the left hand side to specify only results in conference papers, theses or both. 

Conferences and Theses





Getting Help 

The Harvard UTS referencing guide provides guidance on how to build your reference lists.

Annotated Bibliography
The page linked above will show you how to create an annotated bibliography. Bear in mind the referencing style used is a little different to UTS'.

EndNote is a software that can help do your referencing for you. You can download EndNote for free via the library. We also offer support for the RefWorks and Mendeley referencing softwares.

UTS Library YouTube Channel
The Library's YouTube channel offers videos on how to search particular databases and videos on various research skills.





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