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Conservation and Heritage 171200: News, Legislation, Google

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If the content on this page isn't useful for assignment 2 it might be elsewhere in your course.

Google Search tips

You can search particular types of websites by using a site: search. 
Eg: site:.gov.au 

Putting the term .pdf in a search tends to pull reports out of government sites, which can save you some time. 

You can also use double inverted commas to search for words in a particular order
Eg: "socially sustainable"

The search below contains all three of the features described above
Eg: energy efficiency "historic buildings" site:.gov.au .pdf

You can also use capitalised words like AND OR and NOT in a Google search to mandate that words be found in a page, or to provide synonyms, or to exclude a word from hits.

Eg: heritage OR historic



The library has subscriptions to a news services that will add to the information you can get for free on Google.

Newsbank offers paywall free Australian newspaper content going back to the 1990's

TVNews contains all Australian tv news bulletins, going back to the 2000's 


It's possible that you may need to cite state or federal legislation at times in your course. If so you might want to try the LawNow service. The LawNow service is similar to AustLii, but offers some extra functionality, like the ability to find legal materials base on a particular clause of a piece of legislation. 

One of the most important pieces of legisation for this subject is the NSW state Heritage Act.