UTS Library

Industry Data Sources

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Company Data

Mint Global

Another public & private company information platform like Company 360, but this one covers international companies too.

Connect 4
Annual reports for Australian companies going back to the early 1990s.

Consumer data

Euromonitor contains data on consumer segments such as food and drink, clothing, tourism and personal electronics. It also has data on sustainabilty in various countries and the economic output of major cities.

Statista is a library subscription service that provides graphical and tabular data on a range of topics, but which generally skew towards business and industry related stats, stats to do with IT and technology, and survey data. Sometimes the data is packaged into dossiers containing a slew of complementary graphs on a given subject, such as Online Privacy or startups in Australia or the Wine industry in France.

Financial Data

Datanalysis Premium (MorningStar)
Comprehensive accurate information on all ASX listed and delisted companies including financial information.

Stock prices and financial indicators from the Australian Stock Exchange.

CEIC Data provides time series data by sector and country to enable macroeconomic analysis, trend monitoring and economic forecasting. It allows users to create charts, or download data to Microsoft Excel for in-depth analysis.

Governmental/ National Data Sources - Australia

Australian Bureau of Statistics
The national data collection agency. Responsible for the census as well as data gathering on topics such as the environment, industry, housing, health and more.

ABS Tablebuilder 
Allows you to generate bespoke data from the ABS using a pivot table interface. Creating a logon first with your UTS account credentials will give you access to more data. Data spans Censuses from 2006, 2011 and 2016.

Reserve Bank of Australia
The Reserve Banks provides data on interest rates, commodity prices, inflation data and also forecasting on key economic indicators.

Governmental/ National Data Sources - World

IMF E-library
Books, analytical papers, and statistics from the International Monetary fund covering economic development, education, law science and more.

OECD iLibrary 
OECD iLibrary is similar to the IMF iLibrary in that it covers country level data (stats and reports) on economic topics but it also deals with more general topics such as education, governance, development and the environment. You can search country and topic together if you like. 

Industry data

Australian industry reports (including Real estate services and construction) containing key statistics and analysis on market characteristics, operating conditions, current and historical performance, a five-year forecast, major industry participants and more.

Similar to Euromonitor, this provides data on industries and geographies. Like Euromonitor it provides information on consumer goods, but it also casts its net more broadly, into areas like waste disposal, motorcycles, energy and media. 

Property Data

RP Data
A property sales and ownership database, covering the entirety of NSW.

CityScope provides lease information for office blocks in the Sydney CBD. It also gives Nabers ratings for office buildings.