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Introduction to the Built Environment 16468

In this guide:

This guide provides links and tips to the material covered in the library workshops. This guide is designed to help you with your major assignment for 16468 - an academic report analysing the Global Construction Industry

It's sorted into headings for different types of resources -  industry information, journal articles, subject resources & books, writing and referencing. Guide by david.litting@uts.edu.au / 95143390

Industry Information

There is actually a lot of great information available about the Global construction industry if you know where to look. The library recommends:

Construction Industry Profile - Global 

This report can be found by searching for global construction industry in the Business Source Complete database. It contains great data on sector growth, market segmentation, information about major construction companies and more. This report, from a company called Marketline will likely assist you with your major assignment.

Global construction industry reports – forecasts

This can also be found by searching for global construction industry (don't put this in double quotes) , but in the ProQuest Business database. If you want to bring these reports to the top of the search results you can limit your search to reports using the box on the right of screen. These reports are quarterly and cover the share of the global market by country, forecasts, growing markets and market analysis generally. These reports will likely be invaluable to you in your major assignment.

For more report resources see the more reports and stats page


Statista is a database that provides some great data, infographics and reports about construction. It's not quite as useful as the above two reports, but you can find some great information about the US industry here and there are some nice pictures you can refer to also:

Journal Articles

The same 2 databases that provide market reports for your assignment on the construction industry -  Proquest Business and Business Source Complete - both contain articles from Australia and abroad about issues relating to the construction and real estate industries.

If you are finding it difficult to find an article on your topic using these databases, try Google Scholar .

For databases to do with Construction and Property Economics more generally, including links to property databases like RP Data - use the Built Environment list in our Find databases page

Subject Resources & Books

The Library Catalogue is where you will find your subject readings and also books. Type in the name or number of your course or book (ie 16468), or write the topic you are interested in to get results. Online material is available. 

Books will certainly help you down the road, but for your major assignment for 16468 they probably won't be a primary resource.


The Guide to Writing Assignments compiled by the Business Faculty at UTS will help you prepare an academic report.

Our Assignment Writing Guide also has some pretty useful information on report writing.


The Library has a detailed guide to referencing in the Harvard UTS Style. There is even a PDF version that allows for quick searching. 

There is also a sample essay on the library's referencing page that shows you how to template a report or essay, and also shows you how to structure an essay and reference

The Library also provides free access to referencing softwares that can use the Harvard UTS Style - they are called EndNote and RefWorks.