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Introduction to the Built Environment 16468: More Reports and Stats

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Marketline Reports

Industry reports offer a very good overview and analysis of industries and markets. The library subscribes to a number of these report databases. None of the reports found in these highly specialised databases can be found freely on the internet.

In addition to the reports indicated on the home page of this study guide you'll be able to find good information in Marketline Advantage. Click on Electronic resource, login using your webmail details and you're ready to search. Type in your industry and browse the results. Use the refining options on the right.

Step 1. Type in an industry or Browse

Screenshot of Marketline advantage database


Step 2.

Marketline Advantage Screenshot 



CEIC Stats

CEIC Data also provides a lot of fine grain data on construction and other economic indicators more generally, and has the added advantage of being able to export to excel and draw graphs.

It may not be of use to you for your major assignment but it may interest you long term to know that you can compare house price indicies here, as well as number of new buildings built in a city, vacancy rate, average rent etc.