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Project Management: Databases

In this guide:

For academic articles in the field of project management we especially recommend these databases, in addition to Google Scholar 

Business Source Complete
Contains a slew of premium journals in the field, including Academy of Management Journal, Project Management Journal, Academy of Management Review and many more. 

Wiley Online Library
Doesn't contain quite as many high profile titles as Business Source Complete, but comes pretty close with content including Strategic Management Journal, Journal of Management Studies and the International Journal of Management Reviews.

Sage Journals Online
The next best database in terms of high profile management holdings. Sage includes the Journal of Management, Organization Studies and the Australian Journal of Management.

Fourth in this list but still strong because it contains the International Journal of Project Management.

Isurv is different from above in that it's not a journal article database. Instead it's a portal to professional guidance provided by the Royal Institute of Chartered surveyors. Within this product is a page on infrastructure, which in turn contains project management.

Use the Find Databases tool > Built Environmnet > Project Management for a full listing of databases on Project Management.