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Property Development: Specialist Resources

In this guide:

The library subscribes to a couple of different Property sales services, and some can be a little hard to find, so this page puts them all together for you in one easy to access space.

  • API.org.au
    The official website of the Australian Property Institute. Contains some free documents to do with professional standards and codes of practice for the valuation industry
  • BIS Shrapnel Reports
    Some very useful surveying and forecasting reports including Building in Australia and Building Industry Prospects
  • National Construction Codes
    Formerly the Building Code of Australia. Now a free website, but requires the creation of a login to view.
  • CityScope
    CityScope offers information on commercial and retail leases for high rise buildings in the City of Sydney.
  • Costweb-
    Calculates building costs per square metre, for different regions of Australia and for different types of building. Also does projections.
  • Domain Property Data
    Provides up-to-date and comprehensive property information sourced from a variety of sources including government and semigovernment agencies, real estate advertising, real estate agents and APM's own researchers.
  • Isurv - Produced by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors, Isurv is a portal to professional guidance online in topics of planning, project management and property. It also contains expert practical commentary, legislative guidance, relevant case summaries and hundreds of ready-to-use checklists and document templates.
  • PCA Reports
    These are reports authored by the property council of Australia. They include the office market report, quarterly development survey and the Australian Shopping Centre database.
  • Residex Reports
    These are hardcopy reports including the rent report and the top 100 Sydney Suburbs report.
  • Corelogic/RP Data
    RP Data provides property based data for the Sydney region, including current property ownership records, historical sales, electronic maps, property improvements and photographs.
    How to create an ownership report for a street in RP Data