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Real Estate Investment: Academic

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The Library Catalogue has hundreds of thousands of books that will give you a good grounding in theory and metascale issues around real estate investment. If you can’t find the book you want try InterLibrary Loans or Request a copy through the Ordering New Material form.

Journal articles 

Articles from scholarly journals will assist you in finding case study information on various topics, as well as analysis of emerging trends in the property and finance industries, and also information on how academic theory is applied in real world examples. We recommend these publisher’s search engines as good places to start your search for academic articles.

Google Scholar
Google Scholar sources materials found in the databases seen below, as well as material published in house by universities and organizational bodies. It counts citations too.
Proquest Business
A great multidisciplinary database and the largest in this list.
A management database with more focused content than Proquest. All full text articles too
Taylor and Francis
An interesting complement to the above two databases. All peer reviewed and full text.
Informit Complete
Informit Complete is a suite of Australian databases, so depending on how Australian focussed your search is this could be the most useful. For best results choose 'select all' from the database checklist. Sometimes you will need to seek out the full text using the SFX software.
For more information see our Informit Tutorial