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24710 Buyer Behaviour: Academic Journals

In this guide:


Short video demonstrating how to search for articles



  • Business Source Complete Library subscription database with many of the top business journals like the Journal of Consumer Research. You can limit your search to Scholarly (Peer Reviewed) Journals
  • ProQuest Business Library subscription database with more key business journals. You can limit your search to Peer reviewed.
  • Google Scholar Includes some freely available articles. For paid sources, look for the Full Text @ UTS Library link to get free access. See our video for using Google Scholar and enabling off-campus access.


Advanced search is actually easier to use, as you can put each of your key concepts in a different search box

Here are some common problems when searching and how to handle them:

What happened What to try
Too many results, many are irrelevant
  • Add more keywords or more specific keywords

    e.g. "customer retention" AND theory

  • Add " " around phrases

    e.g. "market segmentation" 

Not enough results

  • Try removing keywords that are too specific
    e.g. Volkswagen and "financial services"
  • Try an OR search

    e.g. "customer retention" OR "customer loyalty"

  • Truncation can find keywords that often have alternative endings.
    Most databases recognise the asterisk * as a truncation symbol.

    e.g. theor* would find theory, theories and theoretical

Results include magazines, newspapers or other non-academic articles

Look for a box or option to limit your search to academic journals.

Some databases call these scholarly or peer reviewed journals.