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26100 Integrating Business Perspectives (IBP): Journal Articles

In this guide:

  • At university, academic magazines are called journals.
  • Journals are made up of separate articles.
  • The best way to locate journal articles is to search the specialised databases which the Library subscribes to.
  • You can either search these databases separately or search using the library catalogue which can search across multiple databases.
  • The books tab of this Study Guide has a video covering the finding of both books and articles.
  • Using the library catalogue is convenient, you can adjust your searches using the filters on the left side of the screen. Bear in mind it may not provide a complete list of relevant resources and so it is a good idea to search in multiple locations and compare your results.

Two good databases for almost any business topic are 'Proquest Business' and 'Business Source Complete'. In the video below you can choose 'Proquest Business' instead of just 'Proquest' to get more relevant results. The principles of searching are the same.

Try searching for 'college students' and australia

These journal databases are also good for finding articles about the 5 "problem/topic areas" mentioned in the Subject Outline:

  1. students and accommodation,
  2. students and finances,
  3. students and study habits,
  4. students and making friends,
  5. students and eating,
  6. students and the transition to university life

Consider alternative search terms such as 'socialization' (4), 'nutrition' (5) and 'adjustment'(6).

'Business Source Complete' is also very relevant. The video is a little out of date, but still useful.