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Contemporary Business Law: Legislation

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Official Register of Legislation in Australia


The Federal Register of Legislation


NSW Legislation


VIC Legislation


QLD Legislation


South Australian Legislation


Western Australian Legislation


Northern Territory Legislation


ACT Legislation Register


Types of Legislative Materials:

Acts / Statutes: Laws made by Parliament and given royal assent by the crown (Commonwealth, State & Territory).

Bills: Legislative documents in the form of a proposed Act of Parliament that have not yet been (and might never be) passed by parliament or received royal assent.

Delegated Legislation: Laws made by persons or authorities to whom parliament has delegated "law-making" authority within an act of Parliament.

Explanatory memoranda (EM): Document explaining the aims and operation of a statute, if the meaning of a provision in an Act is ambiguous or obscure.

Hansard: Provides a record of parliamentary debates and speeches made by of members of the houses of parliament. The 'second reading speech' is the speech in parliament of the person responsible for a Bill and is important because it outlines what the proposed law is supposed to do and why it is needed. 

Parliamentary Papers: Reports of government departments and committees. 

Statute Annotations provide access to historical information about Acts including date of latest reprint, names of amending acts, regulations under the Act, amended sections, case notes, annotations and relevant journal articles. They are available in hardcopy and also in electronic format via various databases.