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Insearch BABC001 - Academic and Business Communication

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This Study Guide is designed to help you find resources for your Insearch BABC001 Report.

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Environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues have increasingly become a priority for investors and shareholders. Companies are therefore required to analyse, report on and reflect on ESG issues in terms of positive or negative impacts on their performance. 

Explain the concept and benefits of ESG reporting.  Identify the key risk(s) specific to your company's industry sector.  Using the ESG Reporting Guide for Australian Companies and a recent failure in the industry sector, evaluate your BACC001 Accounting for Business company's disclosure and management of the key risk(s) in its current sustainability report.

Below are some possible search terms you can use to find information about your topic. 

You can get ideas for additional keywords from the ESG Reporting Guide for Australian Companies.

Primary topics

Secondary topics 




Environmental, Social and Governance Issues


Enviromental Issues

Social Issues

Corporate Governance

Business ethics


Corporate Reports

Risk Disclosure

You can search on primary topics, or combine some of your primary topics with secondary topics to get more refined results. You could also try adding your company name or perhaps the industry it is part of.