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Insearch BABC001 - Academic and Business Communication: Books

In this guide:

Reading List and eReadings

Searching for BABC001 in the library catalogue will bring up your reading list of books as well as eReadings.

Finding Books

The following video will show you how to find books, increase your search results and access ebooks

Finding eBooks

Enter your search terms into the library catalogue and press 'enter'.

On the results page, refine your search to Location: 'Online'.

How to locate a print book inside the Library:

  1. Search the Library Catalogue for your topic
  2. Choose a book that matches your topic
  3. Make a note of the Call Number. The catalogue entry will tell you which floor to go to. If you are lost, ask a library staff member. Business books will normally be on level 3 (call numbers in the 330s), level 4 (call number 650-656), or level 5 (call number 657, 658 & 659). Open reserve is a special collection on level 2, the entrance level.
  4. Each shelf has a sign that tells you the first and last number in that area, so look for one that includes your number.
  5. The books are arranged in numerical order from left to right. 
Please note that the books in 'Open Reserve' are on the entrance level and cannot be taken out of the library.