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Insearch BABC001 - Academic and Business Communication: Databases

In this guide:

Using Library Databases

If you are new to Library Databases, you can begin by watching our HeadsUp video Using Find Databases.

There is also a nice video from RMIT: What's a Library Database?

ProQuest Business

What: ProQuest Business is a Library database that has thousands of business journals, magazines plus industry and company reports. 

How: Click here to access ProQuest Business

Read: Step-by-step guide on Using ProQuest Business

Watch: how to search for articles in ProQuest Business:



Statista - the statistics portal for market data, market research, and market studies. You can use it to find infographics, facts & figures to support your argument. 


DatAnalysis - is the definitive database for comprehensive accurate information on all ASX listed and delisted companies including financial information. DatAnalysis provides powerful searching and reporting tools, which allow you to find and display information across all companies.

If you need help using DatAnalysis you can check out our YouTube video below.