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Insearch BABC001 - Academic and Business Communication: Referencing

In this guide:

How to reference using the APA referencing style

The Library's APA Referencing Guide has guidelines and examples on how to reference.

Take a look at the library's Interactive APA referencing guide for specific examples.

How to reference using the Harvard UTS style

The Library's Harvard UTS Referencing Guide has guidelines and examples on how to reference sources such as:

For more examples, take a look at the Interactive Harvard UTS Guide.
We also have a sample essay that shows what your in-text referencing and your reference list should look like in an assignment.

Check your course outline or speak with your tutor about which referencing style you should use.

Online Tutorials

Watch: Our HeadsUp module on Referencing. Learn how to reference and avoid plagiarism.

Library Workshops

See our events program for more referencing related workshops.