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Journals are the major source of academic information within the field of business studies and should form the bulk of most of your studies. They tend to be very specific and focused, so often they will not be precisely on the topic of your research, but insights and observations within them may be applied to other discussions as points of evidence.

Finding Journal Articles in the Library Catalogue.

The UTS Library Catalogue can be used to find journal articles, and is a good choice if you're looking for a specific journal article whose title you know. To do this, begin by entering a search term into the main catalogue search on the library homepage, marked "Search Library Collection".  From there, you can limit your search to journal articles by using the 'Peer Reviewed Journals' option under "Availability" on the left hand toolbar.

This form of search is easily accessible but can be somewhat unfocused, and is best used to find specific journal articles rather than broader searching.

Using Library Databases.

To develop a more powerful search, you may wish to search library databases more directly. This will give you the capability to employ a more focused search strategy. If so, please consult the journal database section of this study guide.

Specific Journals.

Sometimes, you may wish to browse the contents of specific academic journals. These are some of the key journals in the field of management.