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Marketing: Case Studies

In this guide:

To find marketing case studies or articles that include or analyse case studies, we recommend: 

  • WARC: World Advertising Research Center
    Use the Case Finder to search through thousands of cases. You can narrow your search by country, industry, media & channels, target audience, budget and more. Case studies range in comprehensiveness, but many will include details about the marketing strategy and some analysis of the results.



  • ProQuest Business
    Add "case stud*" to your search to find case study and case studies in your results


  • Marketline Advantage
    Use the dropdown menu next to the search button to limit your search to "Case Studies" and add marketing to your search terms


  • Golden Target Awards
    A small searchable collection of the campaigns and projects that have won Golden Target Awards (Public Relations Institute of Australia). Older materials from 1999-2010 can be searched here.