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54041 Integrated Communication: Industry Info

In this guide:

Find out about your industry (and your company's place in it)


IBIS World

Gives broad spectrum view of industry, including overview, major players, related industries, consumer goods retailing.

Also features industry outlooks, demand, industry risk assessments, market fluctuations, etc. 

Very comprehensive, and updated regularly. 


Charity of community groups

ACNC Charity Register

Is your organisation a registered charity? If so, you'll find registered information about it.
Not all community organisations are not-for-profits (NFPs) or charities. Those that are charities or NFPs usually have to be registered and have to submit Annual Information Statements. The ACNC Charity Register provides information about these organisations based on information in their AIS.

Community group register

Even if your organisation isn't an NFP you can see other organisations working in that space by using the different directories like the community group register. 


Market Info

Passport (Euromonitor) GMID 

Includes reports on different markets and industries relating to different products. A bit tricky sometimes to line up your company to match their industry list. Data is up to date and useful.