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54041 Integrated Communication: Media coverage

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Traditional Media (or, how is your company perceived in traditional media?)

Use news databases to get focused, comprehensive idea of how your company is covered in the newspapers. Search similar companies and competitors to get idea of how companies and similarly or differently discussed. 



Social media analytics (or, how is my company being talked about on Twitter & other social channels?)

Twitter Advanced Search

Use Twitter's Advanced Search feature to learn about a profile or hashtag. Tailor your search in powerful ways using combinations of fields. Learn more about Twitter advanced search here.

You can't export search results to play with the data (unless you delve into Twitter search APIs). That's where third party services can be useful.

Free/freemium analytics services

Use these to get a general idea of how people are talking about something on social media channels.

Most freemium services require you to create an account and/or authenticate using your social account details. Some, like Keyhole, will give you results for various channels, but a lot focus solely on Twitter. Most free services will only show you the past 100 tweets related to your search.

Librarians Choice! TAGS by Hawksey - similar to the above, but open source. TAGS stands for Twitter Archiving Google Sheet. Takes a bit of time to learn how to use, but the results are more customisable than commercial services. Requires Twitter and Google accounts.

Talk walker - Requires sign up. Free version lets you use things like Key Metrics, Top themes, demographics, world map (where is the tag being used), and view the top main results. Influencers is a paid feature. Free version only lasts 7 days. Might be worth checking once a week to get some usable results over a longer period of time.

Tweetreach - Requires sign up & Twitter authentication. Works well with hashtags and their performance/reach, in addition to profiles. Limits # search to last 100 tweets that use the hashtag.. Use symbols to be sure what you're looking for.

Twitonomy - Requires sign up & Twitter account. Works really well with profiles, draws from whole Tweet history to show analytics. Doesn't work well with searching for hashtags (you need to upgrade for # searching). Search, and then select people.

Mentionmapp or SocioViz - Require sign up & Twitter account. These tools visualise the interactions between users and trends in a map. Good for examining # as it will map # that are associated with it and the users who are talking about it.