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54052 - Economy Society and Globalism: Data Tools

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Manipulating Data

As well as the above data sources there are some other things available for free and via the library that might help you manipulate and present your data

Lynda contains video tutorials, primarily on how to use software. There is a lot of information available on Excel here if you're interested in expanding your skill base. We've also made a visualising information playlist which contains material on the basics of visualizing data, designing infographics, using Excel charts and using public datasets.

Import.io is a tool that will create a csv table out of information presented on a webpage. It doesn't work with library databases, and it might not be needed for some of these websites like the IMF and World Banks sites as those sites have export options. But if you do come across a webpage without a CSV export option then cut paste the url into import.io and see what happens. 

Tabula is like Import.io only it creates CSV data out of tables in PDF form. It's not a web based application, you have to download it to your computer.

Datawrapper can take CSV data and turn it into graphs, including bar, pie charts and maps. It can even create manipulable HTML graphs that can be embedded in web pages. Best of all it's pretty easy to use.

Tableau Public
Tableau is another data visualisation tool that can do more complicated manipulation than Datawrapper, but also has a larger learning curve. You can find tutorials on how to use Tableau in Lynda.