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54098 Becoming Australia

In this guide:

Hi and welcome to the guide for the subject 54098 Becoming Australia, this is designed to help familiarise you with useful tools and resources to use in assignments, as well as provide you with tips and tricks.

Below are a number of tools that are going to make your university life much easier.

The Assignment survival kit will take you through each step of your assignments and break down all the necessary components.

You will lose marks for incorrect referencing so make sure you check out the Harvard UTS Interactive Guide and follow the correct style for the item you're referencing. You can also find more information via the Library's Referencing Playlist in our YouTube channel and in Study Skills.

Grammarly is software which gives you feedback and suggestions on the grammar, punctuation, and style used in your assignment. Just copy and paste your assignment in and you should receive feedback in moments.

Tineye is a reverse image database. Upload an image or copy and paste the URL and it will inform you of its location on the web. This is an extremely valuable tool if you are unsure where an image is from so you can appropriately reference your images.