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57013 - Journalism Studies: Journal Articles

In this guide:

Below are some databases and resources that you can use to find journal articles to help with your research:

Sage Journals Online

An excellent database for finding journal articles about journalism and research methodologies. Sage Journals contains scholarly articles, and full text articles are available. 

Watch a video tutorial about Sage Journals.

Taylor and Francis

Taylor and Francis is a database of peer reviewed journal articles all with attached pdf's. It's a generalist database that is strong in the humanities and solid in journalism, containing titles such as Journalism Practice and Journalism Studies.


A large database that contains all sorts of information, including news, history, science and technology. ProQuest is great for finding very specific information and information about research methodologies. This database contains a wide variety of sources, including scholarly articles, trade jourals and magazines. Most articles are available as full text.

Watch an introductory video to ProQuest.

Google Scholar

An academic version of Google that allows you to search across many Library databases at once. Google Scholar is great for searching for specific Australian subjects. Use the link above to use Google Scholar. Click the Full text @ UTS links to access Library holdings. 

For more journalism databases, see the Journalism section of the Library's Find Databases page.