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57192 - Defamation, Drones and Ethics: Media Accountability: Finding explanatory material

In this guide:

Finding explanatory material:

commentary, encyclopedias, and journal articles

These are only available while you are enrolled at UTS (unless you’re lucky enough to work somewhere that has access to any of these):

Haslbury's Law of Australia (LexisNexis- in Lexis Advance Pacific) Encyclopedia

  • Find it in the right hand column (be careful not to select Halsbury's Laws of England)
  • Use the Browse function, but don't search (it gets really confusing)
  • Has an entire section, on defamation as well as intellectual property (look here for things related to copyright).

Laws of Australia (Westlaw AU) 

Good for commentary

Search legal principle

Google Scholar

Great for academic articles in general, but can be used for legal journal articles as well. Best to search legal prinicple, as well as where (e.g. Australia and defamation) to get what's relevant.

Hein Online Great for academic articles

  • First click link that says "Law Journal Library" and then search as you usually would with another other databases.
  • Use the refinement options on the left to move between comments, articles, notes, reviews, as well as selecting just refereed (or peer reviewed–please note peer edited is not peer reviewed), and restrict to Australia in 'Country Published".

Want more information?

The Law Librarians have put together various study guides that go into more detail about Legal Abbreviations, Encyclopaedias and Dictionaries, and Law Journals