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[node:field-reference-guides:title]: Datasets

These are freely available datasets from here and around the world. Some are accessible via API's, which are an automated way to mine data into software like Google Refine.

Data.gov.au - Is hosted by the Australian Government. At present it contains over 1000 datasets, including datasets on Information and Communication Technology and Culture. Contains a bunch of interesting apps also.

Datacatalogs.org - Is a portal to open Datasets from around the world. API compatible. Contains a few international datasets on libraries.

Eurostat - Business and demographic statistics from the Eurozone. Also contains specialist datasets like Education and Training and Culture.

Statista - A wonderful data portal with an easy to use search interface. Try searching for anything you like - 'internet shopping', 'US Elections', 'social media' and see what it can do!

World Bank Data Catalog - A wealth of datasets from all parts of the globe. Contains World Development Indicators, World Bank Finances, Health, Education Stats and specialty datasets like Information and Communication technologies. Largely API compatible.