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Television is also sometimes freely available via the broadcaster's website or YouTube, or via web portals via your games console like IView. In addition to these free services the library offers a database of Australian television called TVNews . TVNews is a search engine that will let you find news stories from a variety of Australian programs, from state news bulletins to Four Corners, Foreign Correspondant and more.

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Other Archives and resources:


EduTV contains documentaries from Australia and abroad and also Australian tv content. Includes, Compass, Big Picture, Q&A, Catalyst and more. Good for current affairs searching and the humanities generally.

50 Years of 4 Corners

This website showcases the key stories, people and events covered over the past 50 years on 4 Corners. Works on Ipad too.


Free online access to videos, stills, texts and audio from European broadcasters and audiovisual archives.

Access: Free. Not possible to download clips or programs because of the complicated rights restrictions that broadcasters and archives are subject to in each country. If you want to buy or use the clip for use in a program – then click on the ‘envelope’ icon which opens a contact form.