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Public Communication: Advertising

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 The following are useful places to find advertising campaigns, tools and case studies. For advertising journals and databases, click here.

An essential resource for all advertising & marketing students. Find case studies, campaign data, advertising trend data, company profiles, research papers, WARC rankings, and more.

  • PRIA Golden Target Awards Collection

This is a collection from the Public Relations Institute of Australia and includes public relations campaign entries for the prestigious PRIA Golden Target Awards. The Golden Target Awards showcase the communication profession's most outstanding campaigns and projects undertaken over the previous year.

The University Library houses the collection, winners, highly commened and commended in hard copy from 1995-2010. Note the early years are incomplete. Entries are searchable through the Library Catalogue.

From 2011, the awards went digital format only. The entries are available via the library catalogue via subjects called DRRGTA2011, DRRGTA2012 and DRRGTA2013

Through the PRIA Golden Target Awards Database it is also possible to link to the text component of entries which have an electronic version, and to search by specific Award categories and dates. For example, you can search for electronic versions of Golden Target Award entries in the Special Event category published after 2000. Note: the full-text database does not include publicity materials, videos, posters, etc.