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Software and Software Guides

Cycling 74 - This company creates the software package called Max/MSP/Jitter.
For more information see: Tutorials and documentation.
Audacity - Audio editing software.
Finale - Is a musical notation software.
For more information see: Support and knowledge base services.
Garageband - Apple product. 
For more information see: Support and forums.
LogicPro - Apple product.
For more information see: Logic Pro 9 User Manual.

LinkedIn Learning has video tutorials on how to use these softwares, including ProTools.

Music Websites and Open Access Repositories

SoundCloud - A sound and music sharing social media site.
SoundClick - "The artist and music community" - Some talented people are on here!
Free Music Archive - Music you can reuse!
Museopen - Out of copyright/classical music and scores.
Mixter  - Mixter is an international community of 40,000 musicians offering their music to reuse via sharalike licence.
Jamendo -  royalty free social media music platform.
Silencio - A wierd little Belgian open source sound and image library

Sound Effects

55 Websites that provide free sound effects

Music copyright