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Industry Information

Industry information databases allow you to take a big picture approach and look at the wider averages and baselines of industry financials. Some useful resources in this area are:

  • ABI/Inform Trade & Industry: Journal and magazine articles.
    • Use for: Developing basic understanding of an industry, quick overviews of key players within an industry, searching for industry-specific news and current topics.
  • CEIC Data: A data-intensive set of industry and regional reports. All data can be downloaded to a spreadsheet manager for stronger analysis and number-crunching. Be aware: Incompatible with Google Chrome. UTS subscribes to premium data from China, Indonesia, Russia, India and Brazil but all countries are covered.
    • Use for: Situations requiring precise numbers and specifics; financial analysis.
  • IBIS World: Some of the most well-regarded industry reports available; contains Australian information on industry scale, risks and opportunities, major players and more.
    • Use for: Understanding Australian industries in general, but with considerable detail. Excellent for understanding the corporate players of an industry and how they fit into the landscape.
  • Marketline Advantage: Industry reports with a simple interface. Reports feature good detail and are aimed at potential investors.
    • Use for: Developing an understanding of an industry, particularly in regards to its potential for growth and expansion.
  • Passport GMID (Global Marketing Information Database): Industry information with a focus on demographics and consumer information; aimed at marketing strategy.
    • Use for: Understanding the customer dynamics of a particular industry.