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36200 & 36201 Arguments, Evidence and Intuition: Data Sources

In this guide:

There are many sources of statistics and data. The Library has a study guide on Statistics with categories for different disciplines. There is also a Company and Industry and  leisure and tourism study guides. 

Here is a list of major data and statistics gathering agencies both Australian and international.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) - data on the Australian economy environment, people and industry

Australian Institute of Health and Wefare - Australian national health and welfare statistics and reports

CNKI China Statistical Yearbook Database - China Yearbooks with downloadable data sets 

IBIS World - local and international industry reports including market chararcteristics, operating conditions, current and historical performance

World Bank - country profiles and industry reports 

OECD - Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development - data and statistics for the 34 member countries. The OECD iLibrary has many reports

United Nations (UNData) - data sets and  reports from various international organisations such as UN, World Bank and World Health Organisation


Use Google domain searching to find statistics and data 
i.e inurl:gov  site:gov.au  inurl:edu  site:edu.au 

Include the word statistics OR data
 to retrieve relevant resources